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We have all your needs covered: from residential performance verifications, to commercial system cleanings and everything in between. AZ SolarCare, being solar home owners, understand the need to protect your solar PV investment. We want you to know just how special you and your system are to us, so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.

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Panel Cleanings

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning a solar array is more than just running water over the panels or hoping that the rain will do the job. Bird droppings, dust, and baked on pollen needs to be scrubbed off. AZ Solar Care uses a safe, non-abrasive cleaning tool to remove these deposits.

Wildlife Prevention

Wildlife Protection

Your solar array provides birds with a perfect shade cover to nest under and we all know that bird droppings pose as a potential health hazard. We have noticed a significant decrease in production in systems that have birds nesting under them. The more birds, the more bird droppings.

Our service includes the removal and re-homing of babies under your array. Once the roof is clean, we install a barrier around the edge of the array to prevent any birds nesting under the array in the future.

Paint Removal

Paint Removal

Every year many homeowners have their homes painted. Often they forget to notify their painting company that they have solar panels on the roof. Unfortunately, this leads to a layer of overspray across your panels. This overspray needs to be carefully removed without the use of any chemicals. Chemicals will damage the UV coating as well as the gasket between the PV cells and the frame!

Solar Inspections

Solar Panel Inspection

Our inspection services will provide you with reliable, comprehensive advice and detailed reports to help with a home purchase. We go through each system meticulously looking over every inch of it. Our detailed reports state the overall condition of the system, production, and what repairs (if necessary) need to be made.

Additional Services

Performance Verification

Worried your system is under producing? With our performance verification service, we will inspect your system and calculate exactly what it should be producing. This serves as peace of mind for the customer to ensure your system is working just like it should be.


Selling your house? Want to know what your system might be worth? Buying a house? Want to know more about your solar investment?

Over the past few years, jurisdictions have posed as a threat to the size of solar systems. Fire codes and building regulations prevent panels being mounted in certain areas therefore reducing the overall size of the system.

If you purchased a system 3 years ago in Phoenix, your system could be more valuable than a system installed on the same roof today based on the size of it! Don't undersell or over appraise the value of a system. Consult a professional.

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal!!

Our Technicians arrive on time with all of the proper equipment necessary to complete your service. We are insured and properly trained to provide you with the best service possible. Our technicians have many years of experience and knowledge in the industry. We clean and inspect every panel for damage, loose or damaged wires, and ensure proper manufacturing torque on external mounting brackets. We also inspect for birds and bird damage, as well as shading concerns. We check the inverter and record the reading to track the success of your solar panels efficiency before and after cleaning.

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